Holloway Logistics provides you, the grower, with the right truck at the right time. We have a fleet of trucks and a team of best-in-class drivers; we also work with trusted third-parties with whom we have had relationships with for decades.

Our ultimate goal is always the same: make the process of ordering and delivery of agricultural materials as seamless and cost-effective as possible. And we always guarantee your material will be delivered safely, when and where you need it.

Holloway Logistics has the capability to transport agricultural material — including gypsum and other fertilizers — directly to your fields and then to spread the materials according to your specifications. We are also able to pick up and transport waste material and bring it to our reclamation sites.


Logistics can handle everything from waste hauling to gypsum delivery. We have specialty trailers for your delivery need and we also offer brokerage services to ensure you get the exact logistical resources for the job.


Each need is different. We will work with you to get you the right truck at the right time. Let us know more about your job and we will assess the best approach to ensure timeliness, reliability, and service.


We view Logistics as a full circle service. Our ability to deliver ag materials and back-haul waste makes sure our trucks are always running full, ensuring a competitive cost on any unit of delivered goods.

We Keep You Moving

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