Everything starts with the soil.  Our mission at Holloway Ag is to supply the best products and methods to help soil structure, adjust soil chemistry, and replenish vital nutrients to create the best environment for crops to thrive.  After all, plants grown in soil account for the vast majority of our food and clothing. Maximizing the efficiency of your soils is our business.

Poor drainage, soggy soil and soil compaction can frustrate any grower’s efforts. Gypsum has the ability to penetrate the fine clay particles in heavy or hardpan types of soil. This process creates air in the soil, ultimately loosening the soil structure, making it more hospitable to planting.  In soil that is too sandy, making it difficult for water to penetrate, gypsum raises electrical conductivity in the soil and allows for proper water filtration. In either scenario, amending soil with gypsum is the most cost-effective way to recondition soil.


Holloway Ag specializes in soil amendments and fertilizers to ensure the highest yield for your farm. From gypsum to compost, and every manner of custom blend, our agronomists are ready to recommend the right product for your soil.


When you order products from Holloway the materials will be delivered exactly when, and where, you expect. We also offer spreading to ensure the proper application of materials. Our agronomists are always on-hand to assess your soil or recommend a custom blended solution. 


We have complied leading research articles and reports on innovation in the agricultural industry. Whether you are interested in the benefits of soil amendments, controlling pH level, reviewing soil reports, or staying abreast of the leading trends in the industry, we are your source of information.

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